Army Sergeant Major Pamela Duggan: A True Servant

Sergeant Major Pamela Duggan has spent nearly 35 years of her life committed to serving her country. She entered the military in 1982, at a time when the military was just beginning to integrate men and women to train and serve alongside one another. She admits being a woman in the military hasn’t been easy, but she sees it as both a challenge and a privilege. She is grateful for the brave military women of the past who broke down barriers long before she came along. “Thanks to those heroic women, that allowed me to enlist voluntarily and be recognized for my service”

Sergeant Major Duggan is currently serving as Senior Administrative Enlisted Leader for Joint Cooperation, US Central Command, and Tampa, Florida. She served during military campaigns Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Bosnia Joint Endeavor, Operation Enduring Freedom andOperation Iraqi Freedom.

Leadership positions throughout her Army career range from Unit Personnel Clerk to Senior Medical Operations Logistics NCO for 6 Brigades consisting of over 28,000 Soldiers. She is the first African American female to serve as US Central Command Head Quarters Commandant Senior Enlisted Leader and has earned over 70 awards and decorations plus 200 command coins for excellence and Honorable service.

She is described by those who know her and have worked with her as a “strategic thinker” who is able to see things that other people don’t see. “I am a problem solver, always looking for the solution or a way to fix what’s broken” “I have a passion and an eagerness to always be a part of something bigger than myself”

She recalls the Military Casualty identification team that helped identify and bring the remains of PFC Norman Dufresne home. Dufresne went missing in the Vietnam War 63 years ago during a battle in South Korea. As a Casualty Assistance Officer she was able to work closely with his surviving family to bring Dufresne back to be buried in his home town of Leon Minster, MA. Duggan describes this experience as her “Aha moment” she was honored to have been among those bringing long awaited closure to the Dufresne family.

In 2009 seven of her soldiers were among the 13 lost in the Texas Ft. Hood shooting tragedy. SGM Duggan was called upon to conduct the memorial service and describes it as a sad and difficult time. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of those around her through mentoring and helping them anyway she can. She would like people to remember her as a “Selfless Servant” an agent of change who sought to empower and inspire those around her.

“I am driven to serve those below and above me and in the end I would like my legacy to be that those I served would remember me for making a difference in their professional and family life”.

When asked how she has remained so strong and grounded over the years. She attributes it to her Faith and keeping the prayer of serenity dear to her heart which states “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to Change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference”.

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