Military Woman of the Month- Mary Gerlene Ransom

Mary Gerlene Ransom joined the Air Force April 26, 1956. Ransom took the train to Montgomery, Alabama for three weeks of basic orientation. It was 125 of them, with only six of them being African-American Nurses. Ransom said that she had a very interesting experience in Alabama. She went from Alabama to Parks AFB in California. Mary stayed at Parks Air Force Base for about 1 ½ years and left the end of August 1957 and went to Johnson Air Force Base in Japan near Tokyo. Mary traveled a lot to other countries since she travel on the Air Force plane for free on her days off. “I left Japan in September 1959. I was a school nurse in Japan for Military Dependent children during the school year and a nurse at the hospital in the summer”.

Mary was an Air Force nurse at the Hospital when she returned back to the United States. Mary got married in 1960 and was discharged from the Air Force in 1964. Mary went into the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant and was discharged as a Captain.

After being discharged from the Air Force Mary got married, worked for the V.A. Hospital in Chicago, IL, and had two daughters. Mary also became an active member of the Society of Retired Air Force Nurses and travels with them and attends their annual meetings.   Mary said that two of her sisters also enjoy traveling with her to her annual meetings.

Mary G. Ransom’s achievements are documented in The Women’s Memorial at the Women in Military Service for America in Washington D.C.

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