Fresh Beauty Secrets For Staying Sweat Free This Summer

We cant stop the temperature from rising, but we can make sure it doesn’t put a damper on our beauty routine. Using long-wearing and waterproof makeup goes without saying. And don’t forget the sunscreen! But what else can we do to help prevent makeup meltdown and keep our look “on fleek” this summer? Here are some tips to help make sure you never let ’em see you sweat.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant
When it’s hot out this is the first thing we reach for. Deodorant helps keep odor away, while antiperspirant helps stop you from sweating. Most people use a combo deodorant/antiperspirant. The best time to apply either is actually at night before bed. Don’t worry, it won’t wash off if you shower in the morning because your skin will have already absorbed it.
Fresh Tip: Deodorant can help keep you dry almost everywhere. Use it on the palms of your hands, the bottoms of your feet, between and under breasts, thighs and on your upper lip. You can also apply it on your skin after shaving to prevent razor burns and bumps, on even the most sensitive areas.
How To Reset and Refresh
Use a toner or astringent to help remove excess oil and sweat after cleansing. Makeup setting sprays are designed to do much more than just help your makeup last all day. They can also rehydrate, soothe and calm irritated skin, control shine, and some even contain sun protection. A spritz several times throughout the day will keep your skin and makeup refreshed and rehydrated. Switch out your heavy creams for a lightweight moisturizer and use blot paper instead of powder for touch- ups to avoid caking.
Fresh Tip:  Put your moisturizer and sprays in the fridge. Applying them chilled helps to calm your skin instantly.
Flow With the Glow
When the heat is on, learn to embrace the dewy look. There’s nothing wrong with skin that glows! Makeup primer is a must for a flawless complexion.  Avoid “cake face” by using a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or cushion compact for a sheer coverage. Go natural with a glossy lip tint or full on GLAM with a dramatic metallic matte lip. Longwear is best for lips, cheeks and eyes.
Fresh Tip: Mix your foundation or tinted moisturizer with makeup primer to increase the staying power and minimize shine.
Don’t Be a Sweat Head
Although you’ll be tempted to shampoo every day, wash your hair less not more. Overdoing it will only dry out your hair and scalp and encourage frizzies. Make dry shampoo and conditioner your best friend between washes. Try “co-washing” (washing with conditioner only) to keep hair hydrated and healthy. When you do shampoo, focus on the scalp not the hair, and never before swimming or you’ll wash away all of your natural protective oils.
Fresh Tip: Use an invisible deodorant stick at the hairline and down the back of the neck to prevent your hairstyle from melting in the heat.