Shattered Assumptions

At the very essence of our human existence is a belief system that serves as a catalyst for the actions which form our life. These beliefs and assumptions mold our interactions with friends, coworkers, lovers, family members, etc.

We assume certain facts will always remain true. Our dear friends will always “have our back”; we will always have the love and respect of family members; we will functions in life without being a victim or a crime, contracting a serious illness or needing to depend on substances to get through the day.

We also assume the people close to us will never disappoint, embarrass or humiliate us and we will never give them cause to forsake the team – desert us.

Because life is full of abrupt twists and turns, these assumptions, which form our belief systems, are often shattered. This causes intense emotional pain that consumes every atom and molecule in our body leaving us writhing in despair, with nowhere to turn for comfort. We then start to questions our very existence. Every action and decision in our past is suspect. The value of our accomplishments is diminished while our pain intensifies our failures. Finally, in agony, we cry out “If there is a God, why have You forsaken me?” It is at this point, the healing process can begin.

True, permanent healing is not easy, but it is necessary if we are to experience the wonders of the universe. Rest assured, after this crisis has been dealt with and you have healed, these will be other turning points and all of them will seem to rock the calm peace of your soul.

These growth periods are always meant to teach us to be more loving, to “love the harshest of enemies and the vilest of demons.” They are there to teach us to free ourselves from earthly appearances, human conditions, and graven images and to focus solely on the pure essence of life – love.

Anyone who has spent their days in the flow of life knows to live your faith and convictions in the most difficult thing to do. One of my fellow truth students says we must keep the truths principles as goals, striving daily to embrace them totally, while remembering not to be harsh with ourselves when we have missed the mark. Our “willingness” to become more like the Father is the only real requirement.

A course in Miracle emphasizes that the ego’s constant battle is to convince us we are separate from the power that created us. It is this belief in being separate that causes us to experience shattered assumptions. By focusing on our oneness with Spirit, using “righteous judgment,” a deeper awareness of the Divine will begin to unfold. At this point, when Spirit holds our hands and whispers to us, we will be able to hear “ancient secrets” and witness “prophesies foretold,” for Spirit is our foxhole buddy. Infinite Kindness will never fail us nor forsake us. No night is too dark or any problem too big for Infinite Kindness to solve. The willingness to start depending on Spirit is paramount to our healing. The Course of Miracles teaches that this shift in consciousness is the clearest path to being whole.

In my own life, the Divine Creator has blessed me with foxhole buddies wrapped in flesh. I am convinced Spirit has reincarnated Itself through these people to ensure me that the paths I travel, in my feeble effort to reconnect with my Creator, are filled with love, support, and comfort. I do love them and will forever be grateful for them.