Queen Of Speed: Valerie Thompson

7-Time Land Speed Record Holder & “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer”


Valerie Thompson is considered one of the world’s most accomplished independent female motorcycle racers. After earning seven land speed records and membership in six exclusive 200 MPH Land Speed Racing Clubs, Thompson became the first woman over 300 mph on two-wheels riding the Denis Manning designed “7” Streamliner, earning the title of the “World’s Fastest Female Motorcycle Racer” at the 2016 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

2017 is a busy year for Thompson as the first female member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club board of directors, while returning to her “quarter-mile roots” with an independent drag racing team for the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing series. Thompson will also be competing in a select number of land speed racing events to set new records.

Valerie’s passion for racing and helping kids achieve their dreams has created a massive fan base, making her one of motorsport’s most popular brand ambassadors. Drawing on this popularity, she makes more than 30 personal appearances a year promoting team sponsors.

These accomplishments have led Thompson to being featured in a Super Bowl commercial, multiple film documentaries and motorsports books. It’s obvious why motorsports media writers worldwide often refer Thompson to as “America’s Queen of Speed.”