What Story Are You Living?


Throughout our lives, we will all experience successes, over-comings, and breakthroughs. We will also experience disappointments, challenges, and setbacks. Because society uses our failures to determine the quality of our lives, we often allow ourselves to become immersed in our failures, making it difficult to move past them. It is at this point that you must remember that failure is not fatal or final and if handled properly what you learn from failure can become the ladder to your success.

When we are living the story of failure we are allowing what we think we believe to determine our success. Proceed with caution when depending solely on your thoughts. We have all allowed an assortment of characters to take up residence in our minds.   If you actually take a little time to acknowledge your thoughts, you will find that you think thoughts that you do not believe or believe things that are not true and many of us do not know the difference. Taking steps daily to purify your thoughts is paramount.

Our life is a living example of the story we are living now. Are you living a story of love, a life that is demonstrated as a life with peace, joy, harmony, laughter, prosperity? Or are you living a story of fear, a life filled with envy, jealously, victimhood, lies, and lack?

Moving from a story of fear to a story of love requires you to shift through your thoughts and transmute the negative thoughts to positive thoughts and to answer the questions “what would I do if I knew I would not fail?” and create a plan to make your answer a reality. Then when you and others look at the story of your life, the chapters will be filled with triumph, victory, celebrations, abundance, and love.