A Cancer Awareness Tribute



Champagne and Beyond Women‘s awareness project grew out of our participation in varies Cancer fund raisers over the years We found that women all over the world are now surviving their experience with cancer, many others who are experiencing cancer related health issues will survive with available resources.


There is a critical need for more educational and informative programs giving every woman an opportunity and availabity to a yearly exam. 


Experts in the fields of both traditional and non-traditional medicine have, in the last 3-5 decades of experimental health and research, introduced new models of health and wellness aimed at prevention and early detection of this diseases that plague women near and far. They have provided a legitimate framework that combines traditional and holistic medical practices that will benefit women. This information and how to access such care need to be made available to those that seek it.


Champagne and Beyond. (A Tribute to women who has won their battle with Cancer). We are committed to using our media out let to to bring together all possible resources and a Go tell it approach to aid in the dissemination of Cancer information to as wide an audience as possible.


               We Salute Women Cancer Survivors globally.