Man Of The Month—Eric Ford

Eric Ford, born September 28, 19xx, St. Louis MO. Education begin at age four attended Iowa State University at age 16 as a business major. Transferred to Texas Southern University in Houston TX continuing as a business major. Reside in Atlanta, GA and CEO of B Humble Automotive Consultant and B Humble Music Entertainment, established in 2000.


Our label consists of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Comedy. B Humble’s Family members consist of R&B singer/songwriter RAY RUSH, Hip Hop artist Coley, Fred Legend aka King Maxwell, Ice Mike, producers Picasso, J- Cannon, B.E.T. Comedians Hurricane Andrews and Angelou Dundee.


All of the above artists have projects with which they have collaborated with national recording artists and producers. RAY Rush’s song entitled “What’s Up?” is currently playing on selected radio stations and on the internet throughout the U.S. and abroad. RAY has written and recorded over 500 original songs with producers such as Dave Hall, Duke Williams, and others.


B Humble Music artists have toured throughout U.S with artists such as Jadakiss, Louie Rankin, The Ying Yang Twins, and others. We are an independent company. We are seeking investors and sponsors. Contact B Humble at 1-770-873-1102 or 1-770-873-3401 or email or Refer to the above information for booking artists, CDs, and merchandize sales.



– youtube channel  Ray Rush



Ray Rush- How Did We Get Close (I’m Still Here)