From The Desk Of Midge Kimberly

Introducing Champagne and Beyond, our newest project for those of you that are familiar with The Secret, Oprah made it a nationwide phenomenon. I am now working within the borders of my passion; Champagne and Beyond which allows me the freedom to dream without borders thus providing the opportunity for greater success. The pathway to the dream is now in the Vision stage.

The Vision – A Global Military Women’s Network, a network created for women that have served and are serving. The project will open the doors to present and new resources, make available many new opportunities not shared by military women.

Champagne and Beyond knows that “For Everything There’s A Season”. This is a great time for change within the military structure. Women world-wide has been put on petals.

The spots light has shine on traditional women for their accomplishment its time we let our military women know that we are grateful for the freedom that we enjoy, because they made a Commitment to Serve.

With your help we can affect change, offer a new climate and a new beginning for military women. We are asking you to join us as we take on this life changing journey on behalf of female veterans.

The common ground that other women experience, we will work to make a reality for our military women…”Let us see something tomorrow which we never saw before”

We are offering the women of the United States of America’s Military their chance to stand up and proclaim “Oh What a Wonderful World”

The Secret is out,

Midge Kimberly