My Tribute to Women Veterans

In 1938, November 11, Veteran’s Day, became a national holiday to pay tribute to All American veterans, alive or dead, but especially for giving thanks and celebrating all living veterans who served honorably during war or peace.

When we think about Veterans Day we often think only about our fathers, uncles, and brothers. However, women who are our mothers, wives, sisters, and aunts also played a huge part in defending our freedom, protecting our liberty and lives, while sustaining our peace both on home soil and abroad.

Since 1775, women have been actively involved in the armed forces proudly serving in positions from truck drivers to generals; sometimes this meant disguising themselves as men. Whatever it took, women did it and continue to do it well.

There are approximately 2.3 million women veterans who are hardly acknowledged for their heroism. Here are few examples:

In 1778, Deborah Samson /aka/ Robert Shirtliffe, served during the Revolutionary War; Elsie S. Ott received the U.S. Air Medal in 1913; In 1865 Cathay Williams, first documented African American Female, served as a Buffalo Soldier; The Golden Girls, Maude (Bea Arthur) served as a Marine Corp truck driver in 1943; Senator Tammy Duckworth injured in the Persian Gulf Conflict, 2004.  The list of accomplishment is too many to list here.

Women Veterans face challenges I could not imagine. They have created a rich legacy of courage, service, sacrifice, entrepreneurship, and leadership and have faced obstacles and roadblocks unknown to most. Because of these women, these mothers, wives, sisters and aunts, we are able to walk streets that are filled with a glimmer hope.

Because of you, the only scenes of monsters patrolling our streets carrying powerful rifles are on the evening news.

“Stepped in the dirt, boots on the ground and gunfire was the only sound and to yourself, you whispered ‘Hallelujah.’” (Sailor Jerri’s adaptation of Hallelujah).

This gives a new meaning to the United States of America’s flag – Red, which symbolizes valor; White which symbolizes Innocence and Blue which symbolizes vigilance and justice.

I salute you as you continue to stand, willing to give your life for your country, willing to give your life for me.

Dream Big! Life the life you’ve imagined.

Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.


“Do not go gentle into that good night; find a hill worth dying for and take It; be the person you’re waiting for; make today so awesome, that yesterday gets jealous and above all else do it Your way.”