The new year has arrived and along with it a new crop of beauty trends, most promising a “new you” (or a significantly improved version). You may have heard about a few of them at the close of last year, while others seem to have come out of left field. Whether you’re looking for a total makeup and skincare transformation, or just a welcomed distraction from your normal beauty routine,  here’s where we’re trending in 2018.
Not just easy to use, I’m talking multitasking on steroids, especially when it comes to skincare. All-in-one makeup kits and multi use pallettes have already begun popping up. And skin care steps with numerous products are giving way to all-in-ones like day cream/night cream/primer, or cleanser/moisturizer/mask, all in one bottle!  And thanks to the latest technologies they can also fight pollution and protect from environmental “stressors”, all the while providing anti aging/anti pollutant benefits. Organic and ” clean” products are the new normal.
Shimmer, metallics and sparkly embellishments are still going strong into 2018. We’ll seem them on lips, eyes and nails. Skin will be uber glowy, using highlighter and pigment added to foundation and skin treatments.
Microneedling continues to gain in popularity, and now you can add “jade rolling”. The same roller technique  utilizes a jade stone to help depuff skin and increase circulation. The K-beauty and now J-beauty influence is still leading the way. Masking reaches a whole new level this season. The focus of the newet sheet masks will not only be on the face, but the neck, decollate and entire body. Some of the latest masks even incorporate microneedles.
Thanks to all the buzz surrounding Rihanna’s launch of Fenty Beauty last year, cosmetic brands are anxious to show colors designed to suit every skin tone, including those consistently ignored in the past. Expect to see a more diverse range of shades in foundation, powder and other complexion products.
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