From the Desk of Midge Kimberly

A Reason

A dream that became a vision and a life commitment, A combination of Education, Hard work and those ingredients that made it all worthwhile. “A Gift to My Family and Beyond”.

A Season

President/CEO of The Kimberly Group, a Promotional Entity, providing public relations, marketing and media for an array of clients to include: individuals, corporations, foundations and other non-profit entities.

A Lifetime

The Kimberly Group would become the pathway to an intriguing professional career thus providing me the opportunity to live the dream of being an Advocate: Helping and improving communities “Planting the seed for a better tomorrow.” Life Is Better When You Share It” (Oprah), The Kimberly Group a platform for my talents and passions.

A God focused journey  lead me to my  greatest “Champagne And Beyond ”news about achievers , Women  World-Wide who achieve and beyond ,Celebrating  the pinnacle of  their careers, women who are  visionary  and   inspired to mentor other women A revolting Sister-hood planting the seed for the future of women

Three great songs help to define my journey; “These are the times of my Life”, “Moon River” and” I Did It My Way”.  And my favorite song I decade to women everywhere “I hope you dance” instead of sitting and letting life past you by.